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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Feb 22, 2017

Nova Han has been producing shows on the scale of Coachella and Night on Broadway for years, but she still spends every moment thinking about the individual interaction with her work. While 50,000 people may be jumping in unison, Nova still attempts to create personal memories for each one of her guests, and she does so through a very solid consciousness that she works through every day in various fields of creation. We talk about her career through theater and into creative direction on some of the most well-known public events in the world, and what it takes to work on such a large stage while maintaining a sense of discovery. 


0:00- Intro




1:35- Find us at 


2:27- Making the steaks high


3:51- Learn more about the Oakland Ghost ship fire here:


7:43- What are you thinking about doing with your warehouse space?


8:20- Nova goes into detail about what she is aiming to create in her warehouse. Creating an artistic playground for adults that bring them back to a play state and allowing people to go through a physical challenge where they are required to use teamwork. Nova believes in creating a venue where people can explore space in an artistic way.




Scott hove:


9:13- Trap house:


12:13- A lack of experience and places where adults can go to play


14:00- Jacob and Nova explain what Meow Wolf is while giving their thoughts on the success they have encountered and their immersive art space


17:02 - “Lets make something really cool and sophisticated and not just weld together a grocery cart and satellite dish and call it art”


17:25- How did you start?




20:00- Nova goes into detail of what she did in the circus and how spitting fire lead to lighting her ass on fire


20:53- What made you go from the performance side to the director side?




21:30- Read more about Einsteins theory


22:54- Nova explains how she follows her highest attraction even when she does not understand her path


22:40- Nova getting scouted at Coachella 


23:50- Were you hired at Coachella as a a contractor to produce something for them?


24:40- Listening to your calling


24:56- From a business women's perspective how do you make sure that someone can find you after seeing the work you created? Do you have to create some pathway for that?


25:40- “People will find you if you put out powerful good work.”


27:51- Did you have periods where you were struggling to get where you wanted too be while not getting paid?




30:22- Not stopping what you love to do because of societies standard of a real job


30:41- Can you remember specific moments where you were doing projects that you weren't getting paid for but spent hours on them because you loved them? Did you ever take too many in a row and started to get scared?


32:14- Looking at the “why you are doing it.”


32:37- Jacob talks about transiting from the Think Tank to other work


33:00- Listen to Mark Schustrin on Episode 3: The science of sales, selling art from auctions to Instagram and find more of him here:


35:21- Searching internally for who you are


36:00- Do you have methods to answer the question of “why” for yourself? 


36:18- There is nothing to figure out, every day you are changing and evolving from new experience and approaching yourself daily


37:00- Nova goes into detail of how she makes time for discovery by following what excites her like traveling, jewelry making and pottery— by allowing yourself to follow what you are passionate about outside of work it will potentially give you that extra knack that'll help you in work areas. 


39:40- “I am in the state of discovery”


40:20- Creativity is a tank you fill up 


41:17- Graphic designers 


41:40-Blake Neubert


43:38- Built to Last book


Steve Jobs biography


45:12- Walter Issacson


46:44- How to stay inspired


48:05- John F Kennedy 


49:00- Nova talks about hanging out with Elon Musk and a conversation they had about why he wanted to go to outer space


Who is Elon Musk?


51:00- Art creating an awakening in people


52:10- Staying inspired, creating inspiration and people being able to whiteness themselves through yourself.


52:40- Finding a tight group of people who value what you do 


52:50- Setting audacious goals to keep yourself inspired




54:40- What goals have you set that are large?


56:30- Jacob talks about how kids think their ideas are irresponsible 


57:51-When you do come up with an idea and you have to change it significantly to make it real, where do you decide to compromise?


1:00:08- Have you noticed that as you gone through your 20’s and into your 30’s that you've become more flexible with your ideas or more firm?


1:01:00- Fighting for an artistic vision and trusting yourself


1:02:03- When did you discover that it only takes a little bit of extra time to make something extraordinary?


1:02:22- When did you first step into the position of saying, “okay Im a director now?”


1:06:00- Nova goes into detail about how in the beginning she didn't feel comfortable taking on the title of a creative director leadership role 


1:07:10- Do you feel like you ran into struggles because you are a woman of color?


1:08:20- Navigating your approach 


1:09:20- Do you remember any specific instances where you struggled to find that truth in your interactions?


1:11:00- “The idea of a good leader initiates difficult conversations.”


1:11:55- Have you always been able to initiate difficult conversations?


1:13:00- Nova explains what it was like growing up within an asian culture 


1:15:26- How having theater as an outlet helped Nova


1:17:55- What was the relationship with your parents like after your show?


1:20:10- Explain some of your productions. What are you creating for people now and why?


1:23:32- Worlds largest functional pin wheel


1:25:15- Did you know you were going to make it in the Guinness World Records before you did it or did you find out after?


1:25:51- Was this narrative explained to the audience?


1:28:51- How do you deal with something that doesn't plan out the way you wanted it too?


1:31:00- Being visually upset and having public freak outs


1:33:00- Moving through bad situations with grace


1:34:07- Jacob goes into detail about two things he likes to live by. One, is to take a moment step back and watch what people are experiencing. The second is to “do it to the best of your ability until its done,” and then when its done make two binders one saying what went well and what went poorly to look back on. 


1:36:00- Making failures an asset to you


1:38:14- What kind of setting do you aspire to make when you are approached for festivals now? When you approach the electric forest festival every year; what kind of goals do you set out with for those productions?


1:40:11- Do yo have a set team that you work with now?


1:40:27- Nova talks about creating a permanent space where people can come to regularly for interaction and like-minded people 


1:43:09- Where can people find you?


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