A.R.T. Artists Real Talk

It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Sep 28, 2016

We don't know anyone that can sell things better than our friend Mark Schustrin. He can sell anything, really, but art is his passion. We talk to Mark about his auction company Bid27, how to get into art sales, sales techniques, and much more. 


05:45 - Gertrude Stein's 27 Rue de Fleurus

Midnight in Paris


08:29 - Primary vs. Secondary Market


9:35 - Mark's backstory, auction school and culture


11:30 - Rome was auctioned off


14:05 - 2012 Championship for Auctioneers, rednecks in Sacramento, how to win auction competition


16:30 - Bid Calling


17:35 - Rap freestyling = bid calling


18:43 - Filler Phrases/bid calling example


19:43 - Reading people, Where is the line you can't cross when pushing into a sale?


21:39 - Bid calling examples, incorporating price increments


23:09 - Auctions are psychology


24:14 - Planting bidders in the crowd


25:06 - How is Bid27 different? What is a benefit auction? How do normal auctions work?


28:12 - Pulp Auction


32:09 - Introducing rising artists to auction, definition of provenance


36:10 - Protecting sellers and artists as an auction house


37:20 - Reserves on artworks, strategies in selling via auction


39:15 - Artists we have seen benefit from Bid27


42:25 - Defining value of art, sales through auction


46:32 - How to evolve the art auction experience, monetizing art in new ways, Scott Hove


48:28 - "Gucci old maid" - Make a photoshop of this and win a pin


49:43 - Yozmit the performance artist from DBA, "doubling" a lot


52:02 - Performance art piece auctioned at the Think Tank


57:00 - Art Share LA


57:57 - Mural Conservancy of LA


58:20 - Sales is sales is sales, how to get into sales, science of sales

The Closers

The Closers 2

Glengarry Glen Ross

Wolf of Wall Street

Zig Ziglar


1:00:45 - Tips for making sales in art


1:02:15 - How to approach someone for a sale, is everything sellable?, selling things you want to believe in


1:04:34 - Break Bread sales of Scott Hove for huge piece, following up with buyers and staying happy


1:08:15 - Auction sales vs. gallery floor sales, building taste profiles for buyers to offer them more stuff that they like, capturing info for followup


1:12:40 - Being comfortable or uncomfortable in high art setting, LA Art Show, Mars rover


1:16:40 - Bid spotters, ring men, the art of mediating between auctioneer and audience, yelling "yes!" in the crowd, entry point to the auction world


1:18:45 - Closing out the art sale, upselling, pre-bidding, absentee bidding


1:22:47 - Buyer's premium, "underwriting the auction"


1:24:32 - Mark Schustrin at 20 yrs old to now


1:26:00 - Everything is sales even explaining ideas, the idea of closing, Pitch Anything, pitching sponsorships


1:28:28 - Appraisal of art, formal vs. informal appraisal, USPAP, Donald Trump University vs. UCLA, document certifying value of a piece for insurance or sale


1:32:45 - Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, Jeffrey Deitch come to LA


1:33:45 - How to find Bid27 and apply as an artist

Sep 28, 2016

There are few in this world that can teach you more and in a more accessible way than our longtime friend Eric Kim. Personal stories, street photography techniques, lifestyle improvements... the list goes on in this jam-packed and giant podcast with the biggest street photography blogger in the world. 


11:09 Eric’s Photography of his own wedding


12:46 Thoughts on whether photography gets “in the way of the moment?”


13:07 Project Grandfather


15:34 Eric Kim’s Background Story/ Bio


28:18 You are Here: Think Tank’s First Ever Show


29:17 Alex Coghe


32:19 Kim’s definition  of Street Photography & How to approach subjects on the street for permission to be in photo


34:18 what makes a great street photograph


37:21 Lessons of the day


38:06 Horror Stories of Street Photography


47:49 Project Suit


50:58 Tip No. 3 If a undercover cop pulls out badge : swing .


51:12 Andre  Carte Busan  50 mm camera shot

Eugene Augie “The decisive moment”


52:27 Description of 35 mm camera shot


52:56 40 mm camera


56:16 Definition of creativity


56:43 Street Sociologist


57:59 as someone who has tasked themself with the prospect of teaching have you forced yourself to become an expert?


59:08 William Eggleston


59:32 Jackson Pollock


1:00:50 Gary Winogrand


1:01:01 Ebook 100 Lessons from the Masters of Street Photography


1:01:12 Unlearning what you have learned


1:01:38 Cold Train Quote "Learn every single rule of the genre of music you make and break them."


1:01:56 Takes on Social Media. Making art that makes you happy vs what will make people happy.


1:03:47 Jacob Patterson Youtube


1:04:05 Patrick’s experience on doing art for ones self vs for money


1:04:50 David Lynch Catching the Big Fish


1:05:34 Headspace App for Meditation


1:06:32 Victoria Starraro apocalypse now


1:06:50 Vicotiro Starraro Color Book


1:07:23 Flam Festival


1:09:49 Advice on writing and as a teacher how do you teach around clichés.


1:09:54 Rinzi Ruiz; Street Zen


1:10:54 On Writing  by Stephen King


1:12:54 App I- Writer


1:12:54 App Write Room


1:16:54 twee definition


1:07:54 Charlie Kirk Street Art photographer  “Two cute dogs”


1:17:48 “Ikea street photography”


1:18:54 To be a good photographer you can’t be boring


1:18:54 Beginners tip: copy all the masters, then kill them.


1:19:54 Jiro Dreams of Sushi


1:25:47  Shoot a Cop Think Tank


1:25:50 Kim’s feelings on Instagram and Iphones and how they have changed his world


1:28:55 Kim’s feelings on open sourcing his images


1:31:14 Winner takes all photography market


1:31:34 Nassim Taleb; Barbell Method.


1:35:39 General Assembly Classes   


1:37:44 Secrets of our success by Joseph Henry


1:39:34 Anti Fragile  by Nassim Taleb


1:40:55 Walter Issacson biography on Einstein


1:41:07 Walter Issacson biography on Steve Jobs


1:43:30 Ricoh GR Camera


1:44:06 Eric Kim’s Principles of Life


 1:44:41  How to survive as an influencer while allowing oneself to step away from social media


1:44:43 Bruce Lee


1:51:14 Google SEO definition


1:53:16 Dark Horse concept, being great not for what you do but for what you don’t do


1:55:39 How to be a better photographer


1:55:55 Strategizing of Flow state


2:00:06 Software Stay Focused


2:01:17 The Odessey; Siren Passage   


2:01:58 Morning Rituals


2:07:39 Evernote checklist


2:08:45 How to keep on top of everything while traveling


2:16:15 Kim explains how wife Cindy one of his biggest influencers


2:17:32 Sinzy Casual Time Travel


2:19:42 Personal Photography


2:22:10 Kill your darlings Faulkner..?


2:23:19 Each Production should be a sandcastle


2:23:49 Coffee Graph Avi Rolph & Garet Kovasc 


2:27:48 CHALLENGE photoshop handbook of missed quotes by Eric Kim


2:28:14 Kobe letter to 18 year old self


2:29:04 Advice to What would you tell your 18 year old self


2:32:03 Ray Dalio


2:32:55 Trump “if your white anything is possible”


2:33:34 Advice on college


2:35:13 Only thing worse than sociology is history


2:36:40 Eric Kim sites:

Sep 28, 2016

For the very first episode we have recorded as we figure out how to run a podcast, Think Tank Gallery welcomes Matt Dorado of Drunken Devil Productions as he plans his next event this Halloween. This podcast has more of an interview feel than the others but there is plenty to pick up if you're planning to start hosting your own events. 


06:18 - Show with Super Chief: L’Enfer: An Infernal Discotheque at

Superchief Gallery in DTLA. Super Chief Gallery


06:38 - Website for The Drunken Devil Co.


07:10 - Description of The Drunken Devil


08:14 - Disco Party backstory/ Matts Beginnings with Event Production


11:44 - Hueman


11:49 - Grant Yoshino Artist Decoded


12:46 - Background of Matts first event


16:03 - Noah Proscenium/ no proscenium podcast


16:46 - Experiential/ immersive art


17:24 - Goal of Drunken Devil


18:23 - Experience with Alone


18:52 - Description of Alone


20:21 - Alone’s influence on Dorado and Drunken Devil


20:39 - Lawrence Lewis


20:46 - Black Magic Creative Arts


23:36 - Experiential difference between haunted group events and an event like Alone


26:15 - Interim party at Super Chief Gallery


26:23 - Art Walk Burlesque Magic Show: L’Enfer: An Infernal Discotheque at

Superchief Gallery in DTLA.


28:42 - How to push/ advertise an event like Drunken Devil. Elements to consider when creating an event like this.


32:37 - How much of plans are defined before starting on an event


34:20 - Dorado’s Future Plans


36:36 - Best practices for receiving sponsorship


38:14 - In kind sponsorship


41:27 - How Dorado’s LA Opera marketing job has lent it self to work in

Drunken Devil



44:54 - Favorite LA Opera Initiative: Aria Young Professionals


47:33 - Next Drunken Devil Party: Witches Ball


48:43 - The Bob Baker Marionette Club


49:13 - Matt Scott & his Marionettes


52:13 - Advice Matt gives to his younger self


55:26 - How to trim ideas to “realm of possibility and not over extend oneself”


59:14 - How to decide what to put on the chopping block in Event Production


1:02:22 - Marketing vs Event production. Advice on marketing


1:07:11 - How to segment funds for marketing


1:10:11 - Social media marketing: Facebook and Instagram


1:14:11 - The Drunken Devil Instagram and website

Sep 27, 2016

Think Tank Gallery is stoked to reach you on a new level. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.