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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Feb 28, 2018

We've mentioned the trip that manifested DS&WC at Think Tank Gallery, the show that brought our gallery back into our old venue, but we haven't discussed the process of putting it on. Hundreds of people were involved in producing this massive arts and events series, and four of them sit down after breakfast to smoke a few bowls and talk about it in this episode. If you came to the show you'll love hearing what went into it, and if you didn't you'll love hearing our host's best friends ruthlessly mocking him for a couple hours. Long one but good one. 


5:40- Intro


6:08- Dino Art Director of DSWC


Danny Heidner Experience Designer of DSWC:


Andrew Production Lead of DSWC:


Jacob Bitch of DSWC:


8:51- What do you guys recall form that crazy month?


10:19- Dino gives a recap of Drinkin Smoking West Coastin


11:46- A group love hate letter to LA


11:58- What is this city?


12:06-Ghost Ship fire in Oakland


12:59- Listen to Season 2 Episode 0 of A.R.T Artist Real Talk “WTF happened to Think Tank Gallery”


19:16- Stephen Linsley


19:26- Ray Young Chu of Ray Mart


20:06- Whitney Bell


21:06- Danny talks about the biggest challenge of the show


21:39- Watch the video of Jacob and Danny


24:14- Check out more of Ray Mart:


27:15- Andrew goes into detail on the original idea of Ray Mart


27:46- Bloody Gums


28:06- INPUT Nano leafs installation


30:16- Andrew talks about his time and setting up his instillation for Blood Gums


30:38- LA is still trying to kill me being a smaller version of the bigger show in Chinatown “LA Is Trying to Kill me at Lei Min space.


33:30- Jacob goes over the two things they didn't use in the show


39:16- Watch the Think Tank x Weed Maps video with Ray Young Chu

other video?




45:36- Barfly written by Charles Bukowski


47:01- Jacob talks about all the good and bad of LA “love hate letter to LA”


47:40- Andrew talks about his part of the show for Bloody Gums






48:52- Larsen Sotelo


49:21- Jacob talks about not being from LA


49:53- Sinzi


Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk episode 6 with Sinzi Velicescu:


50:26- The truth about LA


53:20- Dino goes into detail about the colors he chose for DSWC







1:08:03- Dino talks about the retail side of DSWC


1:14:25- Jacob talks about not sleeping and the pressure that came along with the show


1:19:36- Jacob forgetting to put Danny on the list


1:20:25- Elsa Monroe


1:22:26- Graffiti book release party


1:28:16- Stephen Linsley


1:34:58- People thinking the vans shoes in the show were “free.”


1:43:39- Little Face Events


1:47:04- Dino talks about the making the DMV promo tickets and leaving them on random cars


1:54:26- Jacob talks about being sponsored by Playboy and the hidden arcade


1:59:34- What was your favorite event?


More coming

Feb 22, 2018

The last big show that was thrown with the Think Tank was a confusing one, for many reasons. Firefly Productions tricked the Think Tank into producing it, the Think Tank tricked its audience into attending it (#District798), and the actors tricked guests in every way shape and form. By the end, people even thought the weed was fake while they hit it. This show was described as a "mindfuck" by the media, and it encapsulated that word in every way. Whether you caught or missed the show, or caught the show but missed huge chunks of it (we don't blame you), this interview with Steph and Steven of Firefly is a crash course on how to give a viciously original take on priorly used content. Producers will love this episode. Artists will too.


Steven Klein and Stephanie Barnes from Firefly



7:31- District 798


8:00- Jacob tells Steven and Steph to give an intro about the last show Firefly and Think Tank have done


More about ‘Caught’ at District 798


9:10- Steven goes into detail about what Caught is




Read about what people thought about Caught at La Mama


14:53- Director Ed Sylvanus Iskandar


16:20- Who did the rehearsal process?


16:48- Caught being an immersive show and not in a theater


19:43- Did you guys hire an immersive company? Was it Ed’s company?


20:10- More of Tommy Honton


Listen to the Artist Real Talk Episode 17 with Tommy Honton


20:33- A lot of immersive theater is associated with horror in LA


21:43- Building a world around theater that is Immersive


24:08-  Stephen Gifford the set designer of Caught/District 798


28:28- Staff and actors hiding to watch how the audience reacted to the show


29:08- Stephanie and Steve go over the order of the show


30:27- Reactions from theater crowd vs art crowd


30:50- At what point did you approach me in the ideation process; early or right at the end?


31:23- Who was involved in the early stages?


32:39- Had you already discussed whether the gallery would be in on the joke or not before meeting us?


36:00- Jacob talks about the challenges


36:20- Liquor sponsors backing out because they didn't want to compromise relationships from China even though the show wasn't real.




40:57- Stephanie talks about the post show lounge


46:37- “Is this a gallery or a theater?”


47:39- Full Length Play


58:38- Stephanie talks about how the ticketing process was the most challenging part of the entire show


59:20- Jacob tells Stephanie and Steven to share the difficulties within making the show


1:01:23- Generating group sales


1:02:28- How do you market Caught/District 798


1:02:48- Creating an element of exclusivity and an element of getting approved


1:05:08- Five words to describe yourself and five words people would use to describe you


1:07:21- Jacob, Stephanie and Steven talk about how there needs to be an Immersive ticketing service that is customizable.


1:09:51- The ability to text characters from the show


1:11:33- Making sure the whole audience feels like one unit


1:12:45- Then She Fell


1:15:20- Steven goes into detail about how instead of feeling betrayed the audience felt safe


1:17:22- Jacob asks Steven and Stephanie, “how many productions have you done in front of a live audience?


1:18:07- The audience had a different energy every night. How wide was the shift from one night to the next, from one week to the next in our show; compared to other live productions you guys have done?


1:22:50- Steven talks about how the people with an Asian background seemed more relaxed vs the white audience who wasn't sure if they could laugh or if it was offensive.


1:25:40- Jacob asks, “was there a difference between the Fridays and Saturdays since some nights were alcohol and some were weed?”


1:26:28- Noah Nelson:


Check out Artist Real Talk episode 11 with Noah Nelson:


1:27:23- The talk back


1:31:15- Jacob asks, “what did you learn about the audiences who were coming to the talk back based on them thinking the show was over?


1:36:53- Moving the audience in different environments to dictate how they are supposed to behave


1:38:34- Rafael Hayashi:


Teddy kelly:


1:40:53- Jacob describes Steven in one word


1:43:03- What’s next?


1:45:23- Stephen Gifford the set designer of Caught at District 798


Caught’ starred:

Louis Ozawa

Jackie Chung:

Jessica Kaye:

Steven Klein:

Eston Fung:

Chrstine Lin:

Stephanie Barnes:

Peter Wylie:


The immersive company included Alexis Colianni, Carlo Figlio, Gray Gall, Stacia Marcum, Katie May Porter, Rebecca Rufer, and Alice Victoria Winslow.


Lighting Designer Derrick McDaniel


Project Designer Jeffrey Teeter


Sound Designer Crickets Myers


Costume Designer Halei Parker


Assistant Director Garrett Baer


Stage managed by Amanda Bierbauer, and the Assistant Sound Designer was Kelly Aburto


In association with:

Vs Theatre


Steven Klein


Stephanie Barnes


Natalia Duncan Macker


Think Tank Gallery


1:46:36- Jacob asks Steven and Stephanie to close out by talking about the opening of the show

Feb 14, 2018

New York's "Sleep No More" is probably the most successful piece of immersive theatre of all time. But there are thousands of moving parts to this magical machine. Guest Cesar Hawas likes to describe the parts of this creative ecosystem as just that, magic, but there are tons of insights to how an arts company can get such an expensive building and keep it running and profitable. Cesar talks about the more ethereal parts of Sleep No More (run by the production company Emursive) and all of the inspiration that surrounds it at the McKittrick Hotel in our first remote episode recorded outside of California. 


5:55 - Cesar Hawas


6:01-  The Lodge at the Mckittrick Hotel


7:34- When and why The Lodge opened




10:05- What are the different experiences you can have in the McKittrick Hotel?


12:53- Creating complicated experiences


13:36- Film VS Broadway and theater 


13:53- Have you done any productions on the West Coast?


14:51- Cesar talks about working on Broadway


15:08- Did you go to theater school?


17:39- Cesar goes into detail about acting


18:28- What was the first moment that you discovered Immersive theater/entertainment? 


21:43- Cesar goes into detail about Sleep No More and why it is powerful


22:10- Noah Nelson:


Check out Artist Real Talk episode 11 with Noah Nelson:


24:23- The Queen Marry


27:53- Jacob asks Dino (Think Tank Creative Art Director), “when was the first time you were exposed to Immersive Art?”


29:26- What have you been hearing about Star Wars Land?




33:03- Sleep No More’s intention


33:43- How many times have you seen the show?


35:33- Cesar talks about one of the powerful aspects of Sleep No More




Sara Thacher Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development


40:25- Dino shares his experience at Sleep No More


42:13 Is there any sort of guidance that you guys give on this? 


43:31- Jacob’s worst fear




45:41- Cesar discusses following the narrative and the correlation between McBeth and Hitchcock


48:35- Jacob explains how he is happy with his choice of not reading MacBeth before Sleep No More


49:18- Is this the second time the show has been mounted; because it also happened in London.


49:25- Cesar breaks down the history of Sleep No More


52:20- Sleep No More’s audience 


52:44- Cesar and Jacob touch on how there is no dialogue in Sleep No More which making it easy for people of every language to experience and enjoy


54:36- The most exciting aspect of Sleep No More

55:22- Supercinema at the McKittrick Hotel


Supercinema - Clue


Supercinema - Wizard Of Oz


Read more about the Supercinema parties:



57:52- Jacob touches on how being a host is a difficult task




1:02:47- Inclusiveness 


59:09- The Universe is a Small Hat Trailer:


Learn more here:


1:04:02- Jacob asks Cesar if they survey people about their experience at Sleep No More


1:08:03- Does the art direction or improvisation of Sleep No More change at all or has it been the same for years?


1:10:11- The Heath


1:11:28- Gallow Green




1:15:11- Colin Nightingale 

Creative Producer, Punchdrunk International


1:17:28- How big is the team that is programming ancillary spaces?


1:18:46- Sign up for mailings for upcoming events at McKittrick Hotel


1:19:07- Marketing 


1:19:46- Cesar touches on how they haven’t spent any money on advertising 


1:23:24- How has the High Line affected the show or has the show affected the High Line?


1:25:05- How involved is Punchdrunk?



Find more of Cesar Hawas at:


Find more of Jacob Patterson at:


Find More of Dino Nama at:

Feb 8, 2018

Listen to some drunken (or in Noah's case punchdrunk) conversation between host Jacob Patterson and friends after wrapping up Noah's inaugural Immersive Design Summit. IDS 2018 brought together hundreds of creators, producers, and developers from all over the world who work in the quickly emerging world of immersive entertainment. Fields within this genre range from virtual reality to theatre to ASMR, and if any of this stuff interests you, be sure to check out the No Proscenium podcast or ask Jacob for an invite to the Everything Immersive private Facebook group. Hit us up on Instagram to chat, and enjoy our most off the cuff episode to date. 


6:00- Intro


Noah Nelson:


Check out Artists Real Talk episode 11 with Noah Nelson:


Tommy Honton:


6:24- First Immersive Design Summit


7:28- Tom Pearson: Third Rail Projects Co-Artist Director


8:09- Then She Fell


Sleep No More


8:45- Jacob asks Tommy and Noah for advice on what he should do at Sleep No More


12:24- Art Basel


12:58- Jacob asks Tommy, “What was your overall lesson learned from the summit?”


14:20- Olivia Cueva




22:50- Noah explains how people heard about the Immersive Design Summit


24:42- Jacob asks, “What would say were the categories of attendees?”


26:50- Noah explains how they made conscious choices to make sure that this was an inclusive event


27:43- “What did you think of the town hall portion?”


30:47- Asking the audience, “what was the thing you saw that made you re-think your work?”


31:45- Tommy running into a scavenger hunt and finding a riddle when he was younger


33:46- When did you know there was a professional world of immersive entertainment?


37:44- When Tommy first experienced immersive experiences 


38:43- Tommy reaching out to companies asking if he could work for them even if it's for free


39:30- Andrew McGregor:


Listen to episode #8 with Andrew McGregor


40:52- Tommy and Noah meeting for the first time an informational interview 


43:08- Tommy and Noah ending up in a surprise meeting with the city of Los Angeles for permitting 


45:43- Vince Meow Wolf


47:03- Read more about Candytopia and Happy Place and why they got shut down here:






52:20- Why did we not discuss the selfie palaces or the Ghost Ship?


Read more about the Ghost Ship Fire here:


54:57- “Tommy did you feel like it was missing from the conversation?”


57:05- Vince


Justin Fix


57:22- Noah's opinion on discussing different business challenges with opening up a venue and needing the city on your side. 


58:03- Sara Thacher


58:34- The institute




1:04:33- What was the moral of the story on that panel?


1:07:50- Budgets and rates


1:10:11- You have to make yourself valuable to the project


1:10:10- Nova Han


1:10:50- Jacob asks Noah, “What other panel did you moderate?”


1:13:54- Check out the Carne Y Arena exhibit at LACMA


1:15:08- Tommy what was your favorite moment at the Immersive Design Summit?


1:16:16- Diana Williams Content Strategist, Lucasfilm’s Story Group

Colin Nightingale Creative Producer, Punchdrunk International


1:17:14- Curtis Hickman Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, The Void


1:17:44- Christ Hickman THE VOID: Creating The Illusion of Reality


1:22:47- Jacob goes into detail about his favorite part at the summit


1:23:14-  Melina Lauw Co-Creator, Whisperlodge


1:27:00-Serial Killers and Immersive theater


1:27:37- Summarizing Sara Thacher


1:28:55- How did you guys feel about Sara’s speech?


1:35:24- Final wishes for Immersive Design Summit 2019




1:39:58- Tommy Honton:


1:40:32- Noah Nelson:


1:41:35- Jacob Patterson

Feb 2, 2018

We're back! It's been a while since A.R.T. has posted an episode of our podcast, and a lot has happened in the interim. If you read between the lines (or read the "farewell letter" we published online after the LA Weekly story last year), then you know a bit of what happened, but our host Jacob Patterson takes a moment in this episode to break down what happened and where we're at because of it. If you don't give a damn and want to hear inspiring creators talk about how they're changing the world, skip this one and head over to the first full episode of Season 2 with the CEO of Meow Wolf. 


0:18- What has happened to Artists Real Talk?


1:14- Check out the last episode recorded on Artist Real Talk


2:38- Why Think Tank stopped hosting the podcast, and what happened between season one and season two


3:47- Art Director Dino @nunquamdormio


3:52- Jacob’s assistant Elsa @hellsuh


4:00- Sleep No More immersive show in New York


5:34- What happened to Think Tank Gallery in general


6:00- LA Weekly following the think tank story


6:16- Listen to Artist Real Talk episode 9 with Scott Hove here:


6:30- Scott Hove


6:37- Read more about the Ghost Ship Fire here:


6:55- LA Weekly



7:02- Think Tank’s Farewell letter to DTLA


7:30- Jacob goes into detail about what happened to Think Tank Gallery, what is 939 studio and what is Think Tank gallery doing next.


8:45- Scheduled inspections at Think Tank


10:33- Trap house event



12:23- Eviction notice


13:00 Think Tank creating a community a system where a community can run


16:57- Ammon Rost


18:02- Re branding / splitting the brand


19:47- Think Tanking only hosting rentals


20:25- Moving from DIY to “do it right” the difference between doing it yourself and doing it correctly so that it could live in its highest potential.


23:14- Cleaning up Think Tank to start renting it out


24:38- Does Think Tank have a social responsibility to re-sign the lease?


25:05- Drinkin’ Smokin’ West’ Coastin’ event


26:49- Dino the art director of Think Tank, stepping up and helping in inspiring ways.


28:40- Jacob explains how he had to take off his creator hat and put on his business man hat to looking at things more objectively.


31:11- Details about 939 Studio is an event rental site now, when someone wants an artistic collaboration they hit up think tank and from there they will decide if they will pitch it to 939 studio.


33:00- How Think Tank stopped wasting time pursuing things that couldn't be profitable enough to exist and started thinking outside the box


33:45- Think Tank’s event Legal Goods


Read more about it here:



34:03- You are here ll Shoot a cop





35:34- Listen to the podcast where Phil America pitches the Legal Goods idea


Phil America:

Instagram @philamerica




36:25- Jacob explains what Legal Goods was about


36:30- Greg Escalante


39:00- Selling art from convicts in Legal Goods


40:05- Bonita swap meet is located at 620 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057


40:03- How a lot of people got offended about a couple white dudes doing this event and the backlash that came from it


42:19- Check out videos of Jacob hanging out with children during the Legal Goods pop up:


42:29- Legal Goods Zine


42:48- Learning about the neighborhood through the children


43:22- Why Legal Goods was an important show for Think Tank


44:59- DSWC Group art show - a testament to LA



47:40 Check out the book Built to Last Successful: Habits of Visionary Companies



48:40- Meow Wolf giving Think Tank a grant


50:14- Scott Hove


51:15- Drinkin Smokin West Coastin - Group love hate letter to LA


51:54- How Jacob came up with the idea for DSWC


Read what people had to say about Drinkin’ Smokin’ and West Coastin’


59:42- Whitney bell


59:59- Whitney’s Dick Pic show