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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Mar 29, 2018
Maca rode some wild waves while Quest Nutrition jumped to the billion dollar company range, as he built one of the world's best art departments. Part of that was hiring Dino Nama, who is now Think Tank Gallery's Art Director. The two reminisce on what it took to operate on such a level, the difference of running smaller and more mobile design agencies, and break down wtf an art department even is. They also have a lot of inside jokes (just warning you). By the end of the episode we discuss what it would take to really build perfection in a design agency or art department. 
7:00- Jacob obsesses over this. Srsly read it. He hasn't played Halo in seven years and still obsessed over
Also this is the JRE #999 with Quest Nutrition Co-Founder:


10:00- Dino explains who Maca is and why they brought him to the podcast


10:20- Intro to Maca


10:55- Quest


11:20- Dino goes into detail about Maca being his mentor and what he taught him


13:13- “Your success does not end at 5pm.”


16:06- Maca explains what he does 


16:22- Orcv creative director


16:40- The idea of a creative director 


20:11- How many teams have you been on? What is the range of sizes on those teams?


21:22- Dino explains what Quest is


21:59- Maca talks about when he joined Quest


23:45- Looking at Quest through the surface 


26:25- Jose Prada


28:03- Dino at what point did you come in? How many people were there?


28:39- What Dino did before Quest


30:38- University of Long Beach


34:50- Maca talks about his and Dino’s passion projects




36:02- Tony Robins


Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk




39:15- What was the goal for the file project? What would audiences consume?


42:28- Jacob talks about taking on a sales role


43:10- Stance socks




45:29- How would you separate the ideas of art and design 


47:52- Design is a problem solving tool that utilizes art


48:10- Story time with Dino 


51:50- Dino talks about being a FAKE vegan


56:05- What kind of art did you make before you tried going to college


1:00:05- Sweaty Betty directed by Joseph Frank and Zachary Reed


1:03:57- What does it mean to want to become a designer? What are the things that you need to learn?


1:05:07- Understanding how to carefully craft an image


1:05:33- Did you teach yourself photography?


1:06:47- Eric Kim


Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk with Eric Kim


1:08:59- Hueman


1:11:12- Photography— working without equipment 


1:12:55- Jacob asks Dino, what kind of art were you making before hand and have you kept it up?


1:14:29- Dino talks about painting in high school and doing photography in college


1:17:10- Jacob talks about when he used to market himself on social media


1:17:45- Mastery by Robert Greene


1:18:22- Do you feel artwork informs your professional creativity career or do you feel guilty that you have to set your artwork aside to focus on the other jobs you have?


1:20:44- Compromising vs Sacrificing 


1:21:07- One of the ways you express your creativity is with allowing yourself to find fulfillment in the tasks you are doing by day 


1:25:20- Guilt and trading your time for money


1:25:52- If you had to give advice to someone on how to make their day life fulfilling what would it be?


1:28:08- How did Quest end and how was it fulfilling enough to keep you there?


1:31:03- Define what you mean by the number one art department in the world


1:33:51- Describe to me what the greatest art department in the world would consist of


1:34:11- Maca talks about what will make a great art department 


1:36:00- The creative director needs to understand the vision


1:37:31- How can you have more than one creative director?


1:38:45- Waypoint Vice Magazine - Halo


1:41:25- How are different departments that are all design departments, all split up?


1:42:03- Co creative directing


1:43:00- Copy writers 


1:43:22- Jacob talks about his first marketing job


1:44:14- What is the shift in mindset as you start to grow as a company, taking on more clients


1:44:35- What is the change in mindset to go from a agency that has one creative director to having two?


1:47:21- What does a creative director do?


1:51:05- What is CMO?


1:44:08- Creative Hierarchy


1:51:32- Jacob asks Macs, “what is a design director?”


1:52:05- Jonathan Iva


1:53:06- What are the different things it would take if we are building the ideal agency?


1:58:13- When you envision orcv in thirty years, do you have any products that you guys are selling?


1:59:43- When you started this agency, did you have a philosophy for the brand?


2:00:55- Built to Last by Jim Collins


2:01:35- Maca goes into detail about his story and mission for orcv




2:05:09- How do you structure that mission?


2:06:33- Jacob talks about how studying Art History helped him


2:08:35- Dino talks about looking at Think Tank in the future


2:09:40- Think Tank being more involved with the community


2:12:45- Jacob asks Maca, “do you feel like it is your job to educate clients when they come to you?”


2:20:40- Debbie Millman design matters



Where to find Maca:


Where to find Dino:
Mar 21, 2018
Yoshino has been a professional photographer in LA for a long time, and during a rut in his personal life and art practice, he started a podcast to re-inspire himself. That podcast is now one of the bigger arts podcasts in the world, and he has built a career and company out of it. In true Yoshino style, he flips the interview and gets host Jacob Patterson to open up about some personal topics and open relationship beliefs he's never shared in public. 

6:03- Are you editing your show yourself, or do you have someone else doing it?


7:05- Jacob talks about interviewing people


8:04- Do you have a starting point when you are getting ready to interview somebody?


9:45- Have you been intimidated to interview anybody?


11:04- Yoshino talks about how much research he does prior to interviewing people


12:26- Check out Yoshino’s podcast Artist Decoded


12:37- Trump Rally Sean Dunne


Check out Artist Decoded Episode #45 with Sean Dunne


15:12- Psychedelic experiences


17:30- Jacob talks about his psychedelic trip


19:40- Scott Hove


Listen to Artist Real Talk episode 9 with Scott Hove here:


28:32- Do you take psychedelics in a ceremonial way or celebratory way?


31:02- Annihilation with Natalie Portman directed by Alex Garland


33:04- Sphere Directed by Barry Levinson


35:10 Jacob talks about how he respects Yoshino for the way he into films with respect and thought


36:02: Yoshino talks about how he has a deep respect for writers and directors of film


36:38- Eyes Wide Shut Directed by Stanley Kubrick





39:40- Yorgos Lanthimos


40:20- The Killing of a Sacred Deer


The Lobster


41:06- David Lynch


41:19- Twin Peaks


42:07- Jacob talks about the first time he realized he wanted to be an artist


43:57- Jacob talks about selling sandwiches for lunch when he was younger


47:41- Yoshino asks Jacob one of the strangest things he’s been asked on a first date


51:49- Yoshino goes into detail about wanting to start a relationship podcast


53:29- Yoshino asks Jacob what makes you want to be in open relationships? 


1:05:59- Rebelling against a Christian background


1:07:27- Jacob talks about his new mindset with current relationships


1:08:31- Jealousy Vs Compersion 


1:10:05- Chris Ryan


Sex At Dawn


The Ethical Slut

1:12:57- What are you working on now, besides the podcast?


1:13:12- Yoshino goes into detail about his podcast and how he met his partner


1:14:34- Norberto Rodriguez


1:14:41- Quite Mornings event at MOCA


1:17:01- Do you guys have a contract?




1:19:21- What things do you do for music festivals?


1:20:09- how do you as a producer support Justin when he takes on another project?


Justin Hopkins


1:23:45- Artist representation 




1:25:43- Meow Wolf


1:30:40 Are you taking commission on sales from these artists?


1:30:55- Do you guys get a cut when you get them show with other people?


1:31:32- Do you promote everything they are doing, always?


1:32:37- How do you make sure your bills are paid every month?


1:33:52- Jacob talks about what is in store for Think Tank in the next few months


1:36:10- Immersive Arts Festival


1:38:10- Nova Han


1:38:55- The Chronicles of LA


1:41:33- Yoshino talks about the vaseline photo sculptures he makes and explains what that entails 


1:44:00-Jacob talks about Dinos role at Think Tank


1:44:55- Phil America


1:46:22- Museum of sex Female Gaze


1:50:46- Yoshino gives a recap of what to expect from Nohwave


1:51:59- Artist Decoded


1:52:17- Why does Artist Decoded exist? Why do you want it to continue to exist?


1:53:35- Are you going to keep your hour long episodes structured?

Mar 14, 2018
cARTel has done many things in the almost-decade that they've been shaping the experiential arts scene in LA. They've hosted fort parties, galaxy art shows with Bill Nye, giant sponsored activations, and been served a cease and desist by Coachella. The latter comes midway through the story of one of the largest and longest running DIY festivals in SoCal, fka Brokechella. Now called BrokeLA, it opens next month and has partnered with Spaceland Presents and the Regent for Anna's first year as the company's CEO. We dive deep into such an evolution, and also nerd tf out on some permitting stuff. This episode is a creative producer's playground.

Permitting survey:


11:40 - intro ends/interview begins


12:10 - How did you find your way into permitting?


13:15 - Intro to Anna 


13:24 - Did you come from the aesthetic side?


14:10 - Anna talks about cARTel, acting, staging and then combining them together.


15:05 - Visual art 


15:55 - Anna buying miller highlife at 19 and dropping the glass bottles from her balcony 


16:15 - Anna talks about Theater and the US Davis theater and dance program


17:05 - Why didn't you go to Berkeley instead of UC Davis?


17:55 - Bay to LA hate


19:11 - How was it being in a college town?


20:02 - Do they have production classes at Davis? How did you find yourself on the production side?


20:50 -


22:00 -


23:45 - Anna talks about her intern work at Deaf West


24:00 - Switched at Birth


26:00 - Brokechella


27:41 - Explain what Brokechella / Broke LA is


Check out what LA Weekly has to say about Brokechella:


29:56 - Was cARTel still called cARTel at that point?


30:30 -


30:24 - In ten years what did you picture yourself to be doing?


31:14 - Was there a theater element in Broke Beast? 


32:30 - Family Forest Theatrical Event


34:56 - YOU ARE HERE ll: Shoot a Cop 2013


36:47 - How as this presented? How many people made stuff?


37:38 - Anna talks about Brokechella becoming really successful 


40:20 - Do you have specific strategies to be introspective and make sure year by year the event is being honest for the audience?


42:50 - Deviant art


45:45 - Jacob talks about how he started as a YouTuber


46:29 - Listen to last seasons episode with Sarah Penna on business, and the economy of online content:


47:20 - How much has Brokechella grown?


47:30 - What was it at, at year three?


47:56 - When did you start implementing sponsors? 


48:33 - Jacob talks about Think Tank being sponsored by Lagunitas and how much they support art events


49:54 - Anna talks about Lagunitas supporting Brokechella and affiliate shows

49:15 - What kind of questions do you ask vendors on your surveys?


52:28 - Anna talks about asking the musicians what it felt like on their stage and if the production team was responsive


53:40 - Break Bread recap


53:59 - Scott hove:


Bakers Son:


55:50 - Have you had big important people to the fest drop off because they expected it to go in a different direction? 


58:59 - Anna talks about lighting installations 


1:00:27 - When did you start to transition from purely collective to more corporate structure? 


1:01:50 - Sexy Sax Man


1:02:53 - Adopting a business structure


1:05:19 - Oakland Ghost Ship Fire


1:06:35 - Do you have different verticals or is it all one thing now called cARTel agency?


1:07:12 - Fort exhibit by cARTel (2011)


1:09:24 - Galaxy: Science Art Party by cARTel (2012)


1:10:40 - Do you enjoy absorbing the energy of the audience?


1:11:51 - Jacob talks about not being able to chill out at parties 


1:13:43 - Oakland Warehouse safety coalition


1:13:54 -


1:16:23 - Why do permitting at all?


1:20:45 - Los Angeles permitting being disparate 


1:24:30 - Westminster** London permitting:


1:28:06 - Jacob talks about the cops coming in with squad cars and helicopters crashing an event


1:31:46 -


1:34:00 - Art Walk Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled


1:46:05 -


1:46:09 - We couldn’t find any legit baby exorcisms :( please send them to us


 1:46:53 - The Happy Place




1:47:29 - Dino Nama:


1:51:26 - Tommy Honton:


Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 17 with Tommy Honton


1:53:50 - Anna talks about an Immersive project that is in the works– challenging and inverting dreams


1:55:24 - Jacob touches on the theme park industry


1:58:51- Why haven’t you started working in the theme park industry?


2:01:16 - Meow Wolf


Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 16 with Meow Wolf


Afterlife with cARTel at Angel City Brewery


2:03:28 - Sleep No More


02:05:00 - Cesar Hawas:




Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 18 with Sleep No More


2:07:15 - How do you make sure to stay true to learning experiences at your events while also focusing on getting the (at times) nearly impossible stuff done that it takes to throw a party? How do you make sure you have that content in there?


2:08:22 -


2:12:10 - Dinosaurus art event by cARTel


2:12:15 - Jacob touches on 939 Studio 


2:12:55 - Ecoset:


2:13:51- Burning Man


2:14:09 - Overnight festival at Joshua Tree


2:16:34 - Anna talks about being involved with Burning Man and running shifts


2:16:55 - How does something like Burning Man exist?


2:17:03 - EDC


2:22:07 - Stash House Escape House


2:24:54 - Have you seen sphere?


2:25:46 - What do you want in the future for cARTel and Broke La?


2:27:43 - Anna touches on things she wants for the permitting world


2:29:56 - What should people look out for with Broke LA? Why should they go? How can they go?


Where to by tickets:


2:31:47 - What makes it different now that you have the Regent for a couple days?


2:33:32 -



Mar 7, 2018
Katie Carita Partlow of Little Face Events has changed the way that Los Angeles perceives cannabis events. Recognized by such now-household names as Weedmaps and Rolling Stone, Katie is the go-to personality in the weed industry to get a finely tuned message across in an artistic way. She's been called the "Best Pot Party in CA" (Rolling Stone) and she has her sights set high on 2018. If you're interested in doing anything artistic with Mary Jane this year, this podcast episode is the place to start. 

6:46- Katie Partlow (Little Face Events)


5:53- Katie explains what Little Face Events is


7:06- When did you start this? 


14:09- Were you doing events before that?




14:49- Art Share LA


15:15- How long have you be in LA? Were you doing events anywhere else before you came here?


15:43- What caused you to make the jump from performing to throwing events?


18:49- Katie talks about trying to find the vibe she wanted after moving to LA.


23:21- Do you feel like burlesque has applied to your production life?


26:21- Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 20 to hear more about Drinkin’ Smokin’ & West Coastin’


26:39- Katie talks about bad experiences with smoking, and micro dosing. 




30:36- How did you get a show at ArtShare as one of the first things you’ve done?




33:46- When did you become dedicated to cannabis? 


36:37- Check out Little Face Events “The Afternoon Delight


39:23- Have you seen any plans for any ongoing restaurants that are introducing cannabis?


41:02- Recreational dispensaries 


42:58- Do you focus on making them accessible for beginners or is it a natural side effect to making your events comfortable?


44:20- How have your events had to change as this legal grey area has contracted over and over again during the years of you hosting these cannabis events?


49:09- Does it sound like they are enforcing this rule?


49:34- Have you talked to any authorities on the matter; or mainly lawyers?




51:31- Why do you take away peoples phones?


54:25- Do you come from a long line of potheads or are you the first one?


55:23- Katie talks about her dad being arrested for selling drugs to the U.S Air Force


59:24- Katie gets interrogated by a guy in a ski mask


1:02:53- Jacob talks about when he caught a case


1:04:18- Jacob asks Katie how her mom felt about her getting arrested 


1:06:21- Jacob going to anger management for unrelated crime


1:09:20- What is it about cannabis that you decided to dedicate a large portion of your to it?


1:11:31- What is your criminal record now?


1:14:01- People say we should not be rejoicing cannabis being legal when there are people in prison for it still. Do you have any plans to address that issue at all?


1:15:36- Katie talks about how she is looking for people who are dedicated to helping people who are incarcerated for weed-related charges






Listen to Artist Real Talk episode 9 with Scott Hove here:


1:19:47- Is there an active social change going on to re-name marijuana into cannabis? 


1:20:46- Have you found people who are pushing to help people who have Marijuana crime record?


1:23:36- Jacob talks about Katie’s events representing freedom 


1:23:40- Students for sensible drug policy


1:24:16- How many events have you done now? 


1:26:24- Alanna


1:27:20- Listen to Artist Real Talk episode 20 for a recap of DSWC’


1:28:56- When I approached you to be chief cannabis officer for Drinkin’ Smokin’ West Coastin,' what did you think?


1:28:56- Wake and Bake with Roscoe’s


1:29:48- Read what LA Weekly had to say about Cannabis Cabaret


1:31:46- Did you want to theme it after cannabis prohibition?


1:32:42- Why Cannabis in your events?


1:33:16- Katie talks about wanting to take her events to different places




1:35:46- How do you get media like Rolling Stone and Leafly to come to your show?




1:37:31- Check out what LA Weekly had to say about Little Face Events Honey Trap


1:44:34- What is on the horizon for you?


1:44:51- Katie talks about wanting to do a fair event


1:45:54- What kind of people are you looking to partner with for something like this?


1:46:26- Tre Borde




1:48:46- Katie talks about permits for cannabis onsite consumption on fairgrounds 


1:49:36- Jacob talks about the benefits of having a cannabis fair


1:51:21- What is more immediate than that? Do you have more afternoon delights coming up?




1:53:02- Tommy Honton


Listen to Artist Real Talk episode with Tommy Honton & Noah Nelson



1:53:48- How can people find you and get into your events?


Mar 7, 2018

#repost! We took this episode down to make a crucial cut. If you heard it the first time, enjoy it again cuz it's that good! If you missed it, here's your chance to listen to the world's hottest immersive arts company spin gold through their CEO.