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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Mar 7, 2018
Katie Carita Partlow of Little Face Events has changed the way that Los Angeles perceives cannabis events. Recognized by such now-household names as Weedmaps and Rolling Stone, Katie is the go-to personality in the weed industry to get a finely tuned message across in an artistic way. She's been called the "Best Pot Party in CA" (Rolling Stone) and she has her sights set high on 2018. If you're interested in doing anything artistic with Mary Jane this year, this podcast episode is the place to start. 

6:46- Katie Partlow (Little Face Events)


5:53- Katie explains what Little Face Events is


7:06- When did you start this? 


14:09- Were you doing events before that?




14:49- Art Share LA


15:15- How long have you be in LA? Were you doing events anywhere else before you came here?


15:43- What caused you to make the jump from performing to throwing events?


18:49- Katie talks about trying to find the vibe she wanted after moving to LA.


23:21- Do you feel like burlesque has applied to your production life?


26:21- Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 20 to hear more about Drinkin’ Smokin’ & West Coastin’


26:39- Katie talks about bad experiences with smoking, and micro dosing. 




30:36- How did you get a show at ArtShare as one of the first things you’ve done?




33:46- When did you become dedicated to cannabis? 


36:37- Check out Little Face Events “The Afternoon Delight


39:23- Have you seen any plans for any ongoing restaurants that are introducing cannabis?


41:02- Recreational dispensaries 


42:58- Do you focus on making them accessible for beginners or is it a natural side effect to making your events comfortable?


44:20- How have your events had to change as this legal grey area has contracted over and over again during the years of you hosting these cannabis events?


49:09- Does it sound like they are enforcing this rule?


49:34- Have you talked to any authorities on the matter; or mainly lawyers?




51:31- Why do you take away peoples phones?


54:25- Do you come from a long line of potheads or are you the first one?


55:23- Katie talks about her dad being arrested for selling drugs to the U.S Air Force


59:24- Katie gets interrogated by a guy in a ski mask


1:02:53- Jacob talks about when he caught a case


1:04:18- Jacob asks Katie how her mom felt about her getting arrested 


1:06:21- Jacob going to anger management for unrelated crime


1:09:20- What is it about cannabis that you decided to dedicate a large portion of your to it?


1:11:31- What is your criminal record now?


1:14:01- People say we should not be rejoicing cannabis being legal when there are people in prison for it still. Do you have any plans to address that issue at all?


1:15:36- Katie talks about how she is looking for people who are dedicated to helping people who are incarcerated for weed-related charges






Listen to Artist Real Talk episode 9 with Scott Hove here:


1:19:47- Is there an active social change going on to re-name marijuana into cannabis? 


1:20:46- Have you found people who are pushing to help people who have Marijuana crime record?


1:23:36- Jacob talks about Katie’s events representing freedom 


1:23:40- Students for sensible drug policy


1:24:16- How many events have you done now? 


1:26:24- Alanna


1:27:20- Listen to Artist Real Talk episode 20 for a recap of DSWC’


1:28:56- When I approached you to be chief cannabis officer for Drinkin’ Smokin’ West Coastin,' what did you think?


1:28:56- Wake and Bake with Roscoe’s


1:29:48- Read what LA Weekly had to say about Cannabis Cabaret


1:31:46- Did you want to theme it after cannabis prohibition?


1:32:42- Why Cannabis in your events?


1:33:16- Katie talks about wanting to take her events to different places




1:35:46- How do you get media like Rolling Stone and Leafly to come to your show?




1:37:31- Check out what LA Weekly had to say about Little Face Events Honey Trap


1:44:34- What is on the horizon for you?


1:44:51- Katie talks about wanting to do a fair event


1:45:54- What kind of people are you looking to partner with for something like this?


1:46:26- Tre Borde




1:48:46- Katie talks about permits for cannabis onsite consumption on fairgrounds 


1:49:36- Jacob talks about the benefits of having a cannabis fair


1:51:21- What is more immediate than that? Do you have more afternoon delights coming up?




1:53:02- Tommy Honton


Listen to Artist Real Talk episode with Tommy Honton & Noah Nelson



1:53:48- How can people find you and get into your events?


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