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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Mar 14, 2018
cARTel has done many things in the almost-decade that they've been shaping the experiential arts scene in LA. They've hosted fort parties, galaxy art shows with Bill Nye, giant sponsored activations, and been served a cease and desist by Coachella. The latter comes midway through the story of one of the largest and longest running DIY festivals in SoCal, fka Brokechella. Now called BrokeLA, it opens next month and has partnered with Spaceland Presents and the Regent for Anna's first year as the company's CEO. We dive deep into such an evolution, and also nerd tf out on some permitting stuff. This episode is a creative producer's playground.

Permitting survey:


11:40 - intro ends/interview begins


12:10 - How did you find your way into permitting?


13:15 - Intro to Anna 


13:24 - Did you come from the aesthetic side?


14:10 - Anna talks about cARTel, acting, staging and then combining them together.


15:05 - Visual art 


15:55 - Anna buying miller highlife at 19 and dropping the glass bottles from her balcony 


16:15 - Anna talks about Theater and the US Davis theater and dance program


17:05 - Why didn't you go to Berkeley instead of UC Davis?


17:55 - Bay to LA hate


19:11 - How was it being in a college town?


20:02 - Do they have production classes at Davis? How did you find yourself on the production side?


20:50 -


22:00 -


23:45 - Anna talks about her intern work at Deaf West


24:00 - Switched at Birth


26:00 - Brokechella


27:41 - Explain what Brokechella / Broke LA is


Check out what LA Weekly has to say about Brokechella:


29:56 - Was cARTel still called cARTel at that point?


30:30 -


30:24 - In ten years what did you picture yourself to be doing?


31:14 - Was there a theater element in Broke Beast? 


32:30 - Family Forest Theatrical Event


34:56 - YOU ARE HERE ll: Shoot a Cop 2013


36:47 - How as this presented? How many people made stuff?


37:38 - Anna talks about Brokechella becoming really successful 


40:20 - Do you have specific strategies to be introspective and make sure year by year the event is being honest for the audience?


42:50 - Deviant art


45:45 - Jacob talks about how he started as a YouTuber


46:29 - Listen to last seasons episode with Sarah Penna on business, and the economy of online content:


47:20 - How much has Brokechella grown?


47:30 - What was it at, at year three?


47:56 - When did you start implementing sponsors? 


48:33 - Jacob talks about Think Tank being sponsored by Lagunitas and how much they support art events


49:54 - Anna talks about Lagunitas supporting Brokechella and affiliate shows

49:15 - What kind of questions do you ask vendors on your surveys?


52:28 - Anna talks about asking the musicians what it felt like on their stage and if the production team was responsive


53:40 - Break Bread recap


53:59 - Scott hove:


Bakers Son:


55:50 - Have you had big important people to the fest drop off because they expected it to go in a different direction? 


58:59 - Anna talks about lighting installations 


1:00:27 - When did you start to transition from purely collective to more corporate structure? 


1:01:50 - Sexy Sax Man


1:02:53 - Adopting a business structure


1:05:19 - Oakland Ghost Ship Fire


1:06:35 - Do you have different verticals or is it all one thing now called cARTel agency?


1:07:12 - Fort exhibit by cARTel (2011)


1:09:24 - Galaxy: Science Art Party by cARTel (2012)


1:10:40 - Do you enjoy absorbing the energy of the audience?


1:11:51 - Jacob talks about not being able to chill out at parties 


1:13:43 - Oakland Warehouse safety coalition


1:13:54 -


1:16:23 - Why do permitting at all?


1:20:45 - Los Angeles permitting being disparate 


1:24:30 - Westminster** London permitting:


1:28:06 - Jacob talks about the cops coming in with squad cars and helicopters crashing an event


1:31:46 -


1:34:00 - Art Walk Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled


1:46:05 -


1:46:09 - We couldn’t find any legit baby exorcisms :( please send them to us


 1:46:53 - The Happy Place




1:47:29 - Dino Nama:


1:51:26 - Tommy Honton:


Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 17 with Tommy Honton


1:53:50 - Anna talks about an Immersive project that is in the works– challenging and inverting dreams


1:55:24 - Jacob touches on the theme park industry


1:58:51- Why haven’t you started working in the theme park industry?


2:01:16 - Meow Wolf


Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 16 with Meow Wolf


Afterlife with cARTel at Angel City Brewery


2:03:28 - Sleep No More


02:05:00 - Cesar Hawas:




Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk Episode 18 with Sleep No More


2:07:15 - How do you make sure to stay true to learning experiences at your events while also focusing on getting the (at times) nearly impossible stuff done that it takes to throw a party? How do you make sure you have that content in there?


2:08:22 -


2:12:10 - Dinosaurus art event by cARTel


2:12:15 - Jacob touches on 939 Studio 


2:12:55 - Ecoset:


2:13:51- Burning Man


2:14:09 - Overnight festival at Joshua Tree


2:16:34 - Anna talks about being involved with Burning Man and running shifts


2:16:55 - How does something like Burning Man exist?


2:17:03 - EDC


2:22:07 - Stash House Escape House


2:24:54 - Have you seen sphere?


2:25:46 - What do you want in the future for cARTel and Broke La?


2:27:43 - Anna touches on things she wants for the permitting world


2:29:56 - What should people look out for with Broke LA? Why should they go? How can they go?


Where to by tickets:


2:31:47 - What makes it different now that you have the Regent for a couple days?


2:33:32 -



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