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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Mar 29, 2018
Maca rode some wild waves while Quest Nutrition jumped to the billion dollar company range, as he built one of the world's best art departments. Part of that was hiring Dino Nama, who is now Think Tank Gallery's Art Director. The two reminisce on what it took to operate on such a level, the difference of running smaller and more mobile design agencies, and break down wtf an art department even is. They also have a lot of inside jokes (just warning you). By the end of the episode we discuss what it would take to really build perfection in a design agency or art department. 
7:00- Jacob obsesses over this. Srsly read it. He hasn't played Halo in seven years and still obsessed over
Also this is the JRE #999 with Quest Nutrition Co-Founder:


10:00- Dino explains who Maca is and why they brought him to the podcast


10:20- Intro to Maca


10:55- Quest


11:20- Dino goes into detail about Maca being his mentor and what he taught him


13:13- “Your success does not end at 5pm.”


16:06- Maca explains what he does 


16:22- Orcv creative director


16:40- The idea of a creative director 


20:11- How many teams have you been on? What is the range of sizes on those teams?


21:22- Dino explains what Quest is


21:59- Maca talks about when he joined Quest


23:45- Looking at Quest through the surface 


26:25- Jose Prada


28:03- Dino at what point did you come in? How many people were there?


28:39- What Dino did before Quest


30:38- University of Long Beach


34:50- Maca talks about his and Dino’s passion projects




36:02- Tony Robins


Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk




39:15- What was the goal for the file project? What would audiences consume?


42:28- Jacob talks about taking on a sales role


43:10- Stance socks




45:29- How would you separate the ideas of art and design 


47:52- Design is a problem solving tool that utilizes art


48:10- Story time with Dino 


51:50- Dino talks about being a FAKE vegan


56:05- What kind of art did you make before you tried going to college


1:00:05- Sweaty Betty directed by Joseph Frank and Zachary Reed


1:03:57- What does it mean to want to become a designer? What are the things that you need to learn?


1:05:07- Understanding how to carefully craft an image


1:05:33- Did you teach yourself photography?


1:06:47- Eric Kim


Tune into A.R.T Artists Real Talk with Eric Kim


1:08:59- Hueman


1:11:12- Photography— working without equipment 


1:12:55- Jacob asks Dino, what kind of art were you making before hand and have you kept it up?


1:14:29- Dino talks about painting in high school and doing photography in college


1:17:10- Jacob talks about when he used to market himself on social media


1:17:45- Mastery by Robert Greene


1:18:22- Do you feel artwork informs your professional creativity career or do you feel guilty that you have to set your artwork aside to focus on the other jobs you have?


1:20:44- Compromising vs Sacrificing 


1:21:07- One of the ways you express your creativity is with allowing yourself to find fulfillment in the tasks you are doing by day 


1:25:20- Guilt and trading your time for money


1:25:52- If you had to give advice to someone on how to make their day life fulfilling what would it be?


1:28:08- How did Quest end and how was it fulfilling enough to keep you there?


1:31:03- Define what you mean by the number one art department in the world


1:33:51- Describe to me what the greatest art department in the world would consist of


1:34:11- Maca talks about what will make a great art department 


1:36:00- The creative director needs to understand the vision


1:37:31- How can you have more than one creative director?


1:38:45- Waypoint Vice Magazine - Halo


1:41:25- How are different departments that are all design departments, all split up?


1:42:03- Co creative directing


1:43:00- Copy writers 


1:43:22- Jacob talks about his first marketing job


1:44:14- What is the shift in mindset as you start to grow as a company, taking on more clients


1:44:35- What is the change in mindset to go from a agency that has one creative director to having two?


1:47:21- What does a creative director do?


1:51:05- What is CMO?


1:44:08- Creative Hierarchy


1:51:32- Jacob asks Macs, “what is a design director?”


1:52:05- Jonathan Iva


1:53:06- What are the different things it would take if we are building the ideal agency?


1:58:13- When you envision orcv in thirty years, do you have any products that you guys are selling?


1:59:43- When you started this agency, did you have a philosophy for the brand?


2:00:55- Built to Last by Jim Collins


2:01:35- Maca goes into detail about his story and mission for orcv




2:05:09- How do you structure that mission?


2:06:33- Jacob talks about how studying Art History helped him


2:08:35- Dino talks about looking at Think Tank in the future


2:09:40- Think Tank being more involved with the community


2:12:45- Jacob asks Maca, “do you feel like it is your job to educate clients when they come to you?”


2:20:40- Debbie Millman design matters



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Where to find Dino:
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