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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Dec 14, 2016
Here is a short list of things that LA Weekly's "Best of LA People" selection Andrew McGregor can call himself: inventor, filmmaker, writer, chessboxing champion, entrepreneur, frequent TEDx speaker, mentor, Highlands games athlete, roboticist, photojournalist, and founder of The Tiziano Project, a not-for-profit that taught journalism to people living in conflict zones and neglected parts of the world with an emphasis on creating jobs through media training. The organization has worked in places such as Rwanda, Somalia, DR Congo, Iraq, Kenyan slums, a California youth prison, Israel, Palestine, and South Central LA. He has been featured in Wired, Newsweek, the Sports Section of The New York Times, and many other outlets.
He talks with us about how to do that huge mountain of dope shit without failing miserably over and over.


00:00 - Introduction to Andrew McGregor


6:14 - http://www.mightykingdre


7:30 - Who is Andrew McGregor?


8:20 -


9:11 - Chess Boxing: Chess boxing is a hybrid fighting sport that combines the two traditional sports, chess and boxing. The competitors fight in alternating rounds of chess and boxing.


9:57 - Give a little back story on how your path brought you here to Los Angeles and Chess Boxing..


13:40 - Do you ever look at these moments in your life and think there is something more like you are a chosen one?


14:10 - Photo journalist James Nachtwey:


Photos taken live on 9/11


15:01 - How far along the spiritual spectrum do you fall in your beliefs?


15:36 - New age and self justifying without a root


16:50 - How McGregor conducts himself by reducing suffering, increasing joy and creating a benefit during every interaction. 


Philosopher Epicurus learn more here:


18:41 - Habituation and discipline


19:26 - How do you put yourself in a mental place where you can commit yourself to so many different projects without comprising any of them?


21:30 - How do you stay focused when doing research in a field you’ve never studied in before?


23:30 - Task based motivation, “If you don't know what you cant do the sky is the limit.”


24:20 - Robotics


26:38 - Robot film festival


26:47 -


27:20 - More about Andrew McGregors short film:


27:35- Apopo is an organization that has a vision to solve humanitarian problems with detection rats technology learn more at


30:00 - McGregor’s prototype robot:


31:00 - Problems and solutions creating this robot


31:50-  At what point did you think this fake robot in an imaginary world could actually be real?


32:40 -Robotis artist 


33:30 - Robotic Squirrel: 


35:15- “Let’s do something awesome with our gifts; desire.”


35:41 - What advice would you give those who are intrigued to do something they know nothing about?


38:10 - Do you approach these conversations with your prior accomplishments at hand?


39:00 - Do you think almost being killed has contributed to your outlook and unleashed fearlessness?


40:20 - Being focused and having integrity will allow you to do anything you want


40:40 - Expanding on the times McGregor has almost died. 

Does your philosophy help you with approaching women?


42:50 - Patricks thoughts on war, soldiers and how life works.


44:50 - Ted Haler Poem called "first tour" (can not find)


45:40 -


45:45 - Veterans “thank you for your service.”


47:03 - Andrew McGregor’s Photo journalism career


47:20 - How did you come across this industry (photojournalism)?


47:30 - Travel photography, moving to different countries and learning new languages.


48:40 -


49:15- How photojournalism ties in with seeking the world


50:15 - Patricks thoughts on making an impact


51:35- At what stage did you decide that your purpose on this world was philanthropic?


52:15 -


54:20 - A bad year in Los Angeles turning into a good summer in Berlin.


54:40 - McGregors thoughts on “do you view yourself as an employee or an employer..”


56:33 - Tell us what the Tiziano project is


learn more about the Tiziano project here:


58:17- The intimate and beautiful photos McGregor received back after letting a community use his camera. 


59:15- Local perspective 


1:00:10 - Erik Kim 


1:00:48- You have a belief that every single group of human beings in the history of mankind has a story teller; have you found that to be true?


1:03:25 - How did you get introduced to Tedx- what did you talk about and what was the response?


1:03::48 -


More Tedx talks with Andrew McGregor:;TEDxSantaMonica-2


1:04:20 - Non-profit organization


1:05:32 - Was public speaking an intimidating process for you and how did you approach that?


1:06:30 - Remembering the benefits of your public speaking and what is a stake


1:07:10 - Are you afraid of anything?


1:07:45 - You have a very busy lifestyle do you prioritize ensuring that you are able to go out and meet up with friends or call people? How have you nurtured these relationships outside of business?


1:09:33 - “Its up to you to make your own destiny.”


1:10:50 - Self analysis and the nature of wealth


1:12:40 - Built to Last by, Jim Collins


1:13:57 - What is glory to you? Do you believe hard work to be an ingredient in glory?


1:15:45 - What is your methodology for that?


1:15:58 - The Iceman Wim Hof


Learn more here:


1:17:20 - Meditation techniques; breathing and ice baths.


1:18:34 - You like to chase world records; can you tell us which ones you are involved in right now?


1:19:00 -


1:20:20 -


- Timur Gareyev:


1:23:13 - How Jacob and Patrick met Andrew McGregor 


1:23:31 -

Avi Roth:

Interview with coffee bar sculptor Garrett Kovacs: 


1:25:50- Can you explain to our guests what chess boxing is?


1:29:55 - Patricks thoughts on chess boxing


1:30:20 -


1:34:20: - Did you learn to box from George Foreman?


1:37:00 - Freddie Roach boxing trainer:


1:38:50- The methodology of doing aggressive physical exertion followed by meditation or chess


1:40:25 - Brand X Magazine with Andrew McGregor:


Last Call with Carson Daly:


1:42:30 - Chess boxings growth


1:43:57- Chess boxing started as a performance art and is now being labeled as a sport


1:46:40 - Patrick gets into depth on his outside perspective of the vessel McGregor has created by going from a violent environment, to Los Angeles and how he’s found a balance.


1:52:00 - Therapy within this sport


1:55:08 - Chess boxing being a transformative experience


1:56:15 - Looking back on all these things you've gone through, if you were to speak to your past-self what lessons would you instill in that conversation?


1:56:59 - What is next for you?


1:58:30 - Where you can find Andrew McGregor:

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