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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Dec 21, 2016

Scott Hove is an artist whose primary medium is perspective. He has manipulated his art viewers psychologically and literally for decades, and his work is more poignant than ever. He asked our hosts to sit down and talk as Bay Area natives about what the recent Oakland fire means for DIY, artist-run, and under the radar spaces for creation, and make some plans for the future. This is a heavy episode and one with a lot of potential action on the other end, but also one of our most broad discussions. We hope you enjoy it and contact us if you have any interest in learning more about permitting with us and addressing our community's needs with us. 

This episode requires some serious visual context, so check out Scott's work at as we go along.


4:30 - Intro to Scott Hove


6:30 -


Find more details on Scott Hove’s upcoming show in San Francisco on January 15th here:


8:45 - Explain to people who have never seen your work before? What is cake land?


11:00 -


12:40 - Patrick, if you were to give a break down on what you see in cake land what would that be?


15:20 - ISIS Cake:


17:40 - The Think Tank receiving hate mail from upset people from Scott Hove’s unique pieces of art.


18:50 - Patricks thoughts on losing followers from art shows or events.


21:45 - As an artist have you adopted the “can’t please everyone mentality,” or have you had this mentality since day one?


22:30 - Scott Hove’s thoughts on paying attention to pop culture


23:30 - Scott Hove’s personal aesthetic 


24:50 - Recycling and repurposing old design


25:00 - Dieter Rams:


26:19 - “Master your instrument, Master the music, and then forget all that bullshit and just play.”” - Charlie Parker


26:50 - Salvation Mountain:


28:24 - How to pronounce Scott Hove


29:31 - Reflecting on Break Bread:

What do you remember about break bread? What do you look back on fondly?


30:10 - Check out Keith Bakerson’s Ice cream truck Installation here:

See more of Keith’s work on his Instagram: 



32:15 -


34:10 -


35:10 - The power of an image


35:20 -


35:45 - More about Scott Hove’s cake gallery in Oakland


36:49 - What lead you to design your first cake?


39:12 - Scott Hove explains how he was feeling more violent than beautiful and it impacting how he now uses light and dark in his art.


40:55 - Scott Hove gets into the injuries he has witnessed while working on tug boats and how working with tough guys has opened his eyes and balanced him..


45:20 - Barley surviving financially Scott Hove makes the choice to quit his secure job and throw all his energy into his art. 


47:00 - Patrick, what was it like for you to quit your job and commit to what you love doing?


49:15 - Patricks thoughts on being committed to change


50:15- Consequences of your decision


52:00 -


52:20 - DIY Art spaces


55:30 - Jacobs thoughts on building safety rules and regulation


56:03 - Patricks experience and the sequence of someone getting a space and not understanding rules and regulations


57:50 - Scott Hove’s thoughts on managing an artist space and knowing the rules and regulations


58:30 - Enriching communities with art


1:00:30 - Scott Hove explains how Think Tank has made a program to make it easy for artist run spaces to work with the city to get proper permitting and Jacob explains the thought process behind it in more detail.


1:02:30 - Artist’s starting by throwing a party and seeing how they can get away with it before looking into rules and regulations


1:03:40 - Risking safety for art 


1:04:30 - Scott Hove’s thoughts on how Think Tank is set apart from other spaces because of their knowledge and basic concept of stability plan


1:06:30 - The complications of getting permits and the dedication it takes


1:09:10 - What do you think people need to look into when they first start a venue or pop-up?


1:13:00 -


1:013:30 - How the Think Tank pitched their grant to LA2050


1:15:00 - Artist’s sharing information about the rules and regulation going into creating a venue that is safe 




1:16:55 - Fuck you Dave Brooks!


1:17:45 - Jesse Damiani:


1:18:50 - Martin Shkreli:

Vice Documentary:


1:20:34 - Martin Shkreli breakfast club interview:


1:22:10 - Scott, you have worked and lived in unregulated DIY warehouses/spaces- what were your first ones like?


1:23:30 - Andrew McGregor:


1:25:10 - The Think Tank exploring the world of expanding to different cities 


1:25:40 - How many of these unregulated spaces did you live in?


1:26:10 - Did you have your own gun?


1:26:25 - Scott Hove shooting a refrigerator in the hood


1:27:30 - Artist run spaces in Oakland


1:29:40 - What do we require from law enforcement to make dangerous situations more feasible?


1:30:45 - Patricks thoughts on how the city needs to have resources and or someone with the time to talk about regulations etc.


1:33:55 -


1:36:30 - DIY spaces being a target in the eyes of LAPD 


1:37:00 - Viewpoint from the LAPD’s perspective 


1:38:00 - Why it is important to go through a permit process when throwing an event/party


1:40:20 - Scott, what do you want to see moving forward in Oakland and here in LA?


1:43:30 - Scotts thoughts on how people and cities need to take responsibility and how artists need to take responsibility for their own safety


1:44:50 - Take an inside look on what Ghost Ship was before the fire:


1:46:10 -


1:46:44 - Looking back at your 20 year old self what advice would you give?


1:47:55 - What were the methods you employed looking back that dispelled the fear of caring what people think?


1:48:30 - Free yourself of what people may think


1:49:00 - Do you feel as if psychedelics and other substances have been important to your growth as an artist and individual?


1:49:30 - Mushrooms helping artists and opening their eyes by stepping outside and connecting to nature 


1:51:55 - Are you making some kind of claim or promise to the universe that this is your duty?


1:52:30 - Connecting with the universe and it helping with your goals and statements 


1:53:30 - Jacob talks about his shroom trip; his vision of what was possible became greater. 


1:54:20 - Scott Hove talks about the terror of mushrooms, how the fear of taking them is a direct reflection from facing the reality of what life really is. He believes it’s important to welcome fear by facing their own mortality in a brave way; art being one of them. 


1:56:00 - “Give the fear a place to live,” and It’ll go through you.


1:56:30 - Jacob tells a story about him and Scott in the desert taking shrooms, setting up tents, communicating to the gods, and sitting in bushes. 


2:00:30 - “Stop and remember how powerful you are.”


2:01:30 - Patrick’s thoughts on psychedelic drugs and how he believes it is sacred moment when taking them 


2:04:30 - Where you can find Scott Hove:

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