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It's been a long time coming, and Think Tank Gallery is proud to announce the release of our first podcast series! We've teamed up with some of our favorite artists, producers, directors and more to catch a deep glimpse into what it takes to turn an artistic vision to reality. We have been honored to work and be friends with some of the most inspiring people in LA and across the country, and for the last few weeks we have been bringing a grip of them into our new podcast studio to have some chill conversations over a beer or three. Join us in our freshly built podcast studio as we get ready for some dope shit.
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Jan 4, 2017

Kiran Gandhi has spoken to thousands of people about her particular way of changing the world, and has implemented into her performance art such unusual strategies as dripping menstrual blood while running marathons. We've known each other since before either of us gained audiences so sitting down to talk about how to responsibly reach those audiences while on the mic with them is an introspective affair. She is one of the best musicians we know, one of the smartest people we've met, and one of the most interesting women you could come across. She believes that the Future is Female and we're on board with that idea after this chat. We hope you will be, as well. 


3:05 - Is google consciously not that female friendly? 


4:55 - Jessica Wethington Mclean:


5:15 - Kiran’s thoughts on stay home dads and taking on roles as a parent


6:15 - Kiran gives a little run down on who she is and what she does


7:10 -


7:45 -


10:04 - What was your major in college?


10:55 - Within Kiran’s first two months of living in Los Angeles she got a full time job at Interscope as their first ever digital analyst.


11:03 -


14:05 - Did you set out a goal to make a job out of your internship before they gave you an official job?


15:18 - How did you navigate from Interscope to Spotify?


17:00 - Was going to school for your MBA worth it?


17:05 -


18:05 - Speaking confidently and critically has helped Kiran as a consultant and an artist.


18:35 - Did you start your own company? 


19:00 -


19:15 - Kiran explains how doing free panels has helped her


21:00 -


21:17 - Streaming services


21:55 - Kiran’s business plan and how she thinks artists should be getting paid a bigger percentage 


23:09 - The dangers of labels knowing what music is more valuable than others and how that makes artists change their music


24:48 - Kiran explains what “gating content” means.


26:22 - Where do you listen to your music at?


27:55 - Kiran’s thoughts on artists putting their own music onto Spotify 


30:41 - Are you on Spotify? Who would you imagine seeing next to you as related artists?


31:15 - How did you get involved with MIA?


32:10 - Sinziana Velicescu:




34:45 - One of the most interesting things about you is that you try to get difficult ideas across to audiences when they may or may not want to hear them; why don’t you talk about your band and how you are trying to do that.


36:10 - Runson Willis:

Do you love -


36:53 -


38:25 - Madame Gandhi EP


38:35 - Were you apart of the invention for the phrase “The future is female?”


38:45 - Check out Otherwilds collection here:


39:45 - You have this idea of the four levers of social change; how did you come up with this metaphor and implement it?


45:15 - Which levers do you think are the most difficult to pull?


47:15 - Where to find Kiran Ghandi:


Read Kiran’s interview with Rolling Stone here:  


49:43 - Music begins

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